Meet James

When my BFFs emailed and asked if I could stop by for a visit to "meet Bond...James Bond, that is", I really thought they'd gone over the edge.  However, since my friends are irresistible and are always "doing for others," I knew that the visit would be worthwhile.  

Besides, who was this "James" character they spoke of?  Well....

James. a Chihuahua mix, is a foster that, like so many dogs, has a sad story behind him.  About a year old, he was picked by by an ACO wandering the streets of an inner city.  Unfortunately, in addition to being thrown out on the streets, he suffered from severe hind leg trauma that had healed incorrectly causing his sciatic nerve to literally be entwined around the bone.  The ACO believes the injury was not recent and was the result of possibly being kicked.

Surgery completed and ready to be fostered, my BFFs were the ideal pet parents to temporarily care for Bond...James Bond, that is.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Meet James

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Linda said…
Aww, sweet baby James!
Ann said…
Aw, James is adorable. He looks just like my mother in laws dog and he's a smart one.
NCSue said…
Poor pup. I never understand people who will abuse animals... or people, for that matter.
Thanks for sharing at

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