Pick Up Sticks

While we have done a lot of work in our yard since moving here eight years ago, Mother Nature has done a little yard work of her own.  The lower section of our property is deemed "wetlands" and recognized as a Wildlife Refuge.  Over the years, several of the dead cedars had merely toppled over and/or ended up leaning against a healthy tree.

Besides that, we try to apply the "6 P's" (prior proper plan to prevent poor performance) to avoid possible damage to the house and garage by either topping a tree if it's damaged or removing the tree if it's dead and a potential risk. So, last Friday, when I got home from the gym, we spent a day "picking up sticks" with the help of our good friend and neighbor.

While Mart finished piling up the dead debris from the woods below, the Pres cranked up the chain saw.  Please note how I caught the smoke by adjusting my Shutter Speed...WOOT! WOOT!)  He had gotten permission from the neighbor to tackle the dead tree, which is on their property, but leaning toward our garage.  Eliminating it could eliminate damage to our garage as well as a homeowners insurance claim for them.

Now it was time for the tree.  Mart began with the chain saw slowly cutting into the dead tree which can be dangerous.  It's hard to tell if it will fall in the direction the chainsaw operator wants it to go.  Now operating the bobcat, the Pres began to slowly push the tree in the direction they wanted it to fall.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Pick Up Sticks

with you and those at

A few more facts about dead trees:

Put more succinctly, a dead tree stops taking in moisture and nutrients – often long before the final death occurs. ... Depending on the tree and the level of decay, even a mild wind or heavy snowfall can cause the limbs and – in some cases – the trunks to break.

Should dead trees be cut down? Yes! ... Many homeowners' insurances don't cover tree damage if the tree should have been removed before a storm. To sum it up, if your tree is dead, you need to mitigate the risk before it turns into an accident.

One more thing...does anyone besides me remember playing that game...Pick Up Sticks?????


Stewart M said…
We also used to call 'pick up sticks' by the name Jack Straws. Same game as far as I can tell.

When I saw the smoke picture, I thought somebody was brewing tea on a fire! I know I would have been doing that!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Ann said…
Yes, I do remember playing Pick up sticks but it was nothing like the way you guys were playing it...lol
eileeninmd said…

I would not want a dead tree next to our house. But, in the forest around us, we have a lot of dead trees. They are homes for the woodpeckers and critters. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week ahead.
Michelle said…
That is a lot of work, but so important. I played pick up sticks a very long time ago! lol
Haven't played that game in a very long time and the pick up sticks in your yard were much, much larger, JP...and heavier too.

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