Risk Taker

Unfortunately, my laptop with almost all of my photos is undergoing a minor (perhaps major) brain transplant.  My smaller laptop was operated on last week.  Given a virtual lobotomy by removing Windows OS entirely and installing an OS that I am unfamiliar with, I am muddling my way through it...slowly.    

There he (the big, beautiful Cooper's Hawk) stood, perched right out in the open near the brush pile used to give my birds a good hiding spot.    


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Risk Taker

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kathyinozarks said…
Beautiful photos, good luck on your computer fix-so frustrating when that happens Happy Sunday
Ann said…
Both pictures are great but I love the cardinals.
I love the photos! The hawk doesn't even look real!

I hope your laptop is able to be resurrected. I put computer issues right up there with car trouble!
The hawk is magnificent, but I admit to a fondness for red cardinals having seen them so often when we lived in VA. Hope the PC issues are resolved soon , JP.
Zhoen said…
The cardinals really pop. Good luck with the OS issues.
Computer woes are always potentially terminal and cause a lot of stress! Congratulations on having the Cooper's Hawk come to visit. There are those who bemoan the arrival of a bird of prey; I am not among them. They are magnificent!

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