Driving down Main Street when I was heading home from my morning workout, I thought I spotted something through the fence as I was passing the river.  Because I had the camera in the car, I pulled over, put on the Emergency flashers and came to an abrupt halt.  Yes indeed, there it was.

Trying to compose myself as I approached the fence and hoping the lens would fit through the dark green bars, I removed the lens cap and inhaled.  What a coincidence?  I needed a bird for today's post!!!

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kathyinozarks said…
Lovely photos-I was out collecting black walnuts this morning-I want to make ink (first time) and saw one flying over the lake they are beautiful birds Happy Wednesday Kathy
Ann said…
Well how nice of him to be sitting there waiting for you to come along and take his picture
Michelle said…
Awww...a beauty!

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