Thankful For Time

Normally around sunset, I am too pooped to do anything or go anywhere.  However, taking Tai Chi two nights a week and my Beginner Photography Class one night, I've had to readjust my clock.  Last week before heading to Photog Class, I was able to catch this from my driveway.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Thankful For Time

with you and those at


Ann said…
I'm usually done for by 8pm especially if I lay down on the couch. Pretty scene
Early evenings are busy for me. We have dinner late than most people, and I actually have more energy than in the morning when I tend to just chill with a cup or two of tea. When the days become shorter I'm not to keen on going out and driving in the dark, my eyesight isn't great. I started a dog training class in the evening so it's a real change of my comfy ways. I'm sort of enjoying it!☺️

What a nice driveway capture, JP. I have been thinking about trying a tai chi class at the local senior center or at least looking in on one as I heard it's great for balance practice...good for you!

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