The Jump Box...A Story

Trying to catch Fall, I've been doing a lot of road trips lately.  Usually when I find something of interest, I pull off the road as much as possible, put the car in park, turn on the flashers and start taking photos.  Minutes pass...sometimes only a few, sometimes longer.   Then I scoot home and pull up the photos as soon as I get a chance.  Repeating the process several times a week, I end up with quite a collection.  

Meanwhile when I asked the Pres why it seems as if the sound made by my car seems to have gotten fainter when using the key fob to lock/unlock my car, he said he had no idea.  Fast forward to another evening of photo taking.  Only this time when I went to start my car, it wouldn't.  It was DEAD.

Calling the Pres and asking if he was too tired to come and save me, he said he'd be there in a few minutes.  Raising the hood of the car and waiting, I was surprised to see that when the Pres pulled up, he didn't pull around the front of my car with his big red and black Dodge diesel.  Parking behind me, he exited the cab carrying "the black box"...the "black box that he bought me to carry with me at all times LAST Christmas.

"Oops," I thought.  Walking around to the front of my car, he said, "Go start the car" with a stern, unsmiling face.  Trying to CYA, I said, "Good thing I just plugged that in the other day to charge."  Needless to say, the jump box gets recharged each month and is now in my car.  As for Fall, it was right in front of me.

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The Jump Box...A Story

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Beautiful fall foliage photos. Sorry to hear about you getting stuck. I'm assuming you have a partial/full electric car, and by stopping and leaving the engine running, it slowly drained the battery? Ugh.
Lea said…
Beautiful photos!
Another good thing to keep in your car is a 'black box' thing that can put air in a low tire so you can drive it to a service station.
Happy Fall!
kathyinozarks said…
Gorgeous photos-have never heard of a jump box before-good idea
Michelle said…
Not familiar with a jump box. I do love your fall scenery.
Ann said…
I've never heard of a jump box but it sounds like a pretty handy thing to have. That is so long as you have it in your vehicle with

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