The Parking Attendant...A Story

Last month when I met my daughter and her honey at the Big E, I arrived about 30 minutes before them.  Removing the enormous Aloe plant from my trunk, I wondered what, if anything, people would think as I carried it closer to the road.  (For some reason, I always worry about what people think.)  Because the lot I was in had already reached capacity, the attendants were now directing the cars into the lot directly across the road from me.  Knowing that the kids would be coming soon and that darn plant was so heavy were the reasons I placed the five gallon bucket near the road.  

Once they called me to give me them "ETA" I picked up the bucket and crossed the road only to be greeted by one of the parking attendants.  Watching him directing the cars made me want to give him a hand because PEOPLE JUST DIDN'T LISTEN!  So I did the next best thing.  Positioning myself about 20 feet past him, I began waving my cars like a parking attendant to get those that snuck by into the lot.  

When it was all said and done, after my kids arrived, he walked over to me gave me a big hug and a bottle of water, saying, "You worked hard.  You deserve this.  Thank you for your help."

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The Parking Attendant...A Story
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eileeninmd said…

You are so nice to help! But, what is with the plant near the road? Enjoy your day!
Michelle said…
You were great to help out!
NCSue said…
It takes just a little effort to be nice, and it makes the day for two people at once - you and the attendant! Well done.
You say you worry about what others think. I think you did a great job of being kind and helpful.
Thanks for linking up at
Ann said…
Well that was an awesome way to wait and it helped out that guy too. Once again you made yourself a new friend.
judee said…
Funny story and a good deed on your part!

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