Hearing it hit the hardwood floor, I cringed as I bent down to pick it up.  Yes, as many times as it has hit the ground, this time, it cracked.  It serves me right though because I just changed the case from an Otterbox to one on the clearance rack in Walmart. 

When I bought the phone, my granddaughter, then 4, liked pink and purple so I bought the pink/purple Otterbox.  Fast forward 6 years.   About a month ago, I spotted this cute black and white striped case.  The price was right...$3.00 and it was definitely more stylish.  All was good until the phone fell...this time.

Filing a claim with my provider's insurance was easy enough because within minutes, the techie was scheduled to come to the house to replace my cracked screen.  Arriving earlier than scheduled, the young man walked in, thanking us for giving him such good directions.  

Since I'd answered the door with my phone in hand he immediately said, " So this is the phone.  Hmmmm...I believe this is going to be easier than we thought.  I don't think your screen is cracked.  I believe it's only your screen protector."

Telling him how I'd switched out cases as I watched him peel off the protector, I was absolutely elated when he handed my phone to me, saying there would be no charge since he didn't "fix" anything.  The screen protector had done it's job well (yes, I will get another one!).

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eileeninmd said…
Wow, it is nice to have someone come to home to fix your phone. That sounds like great insurance to have. Have a happy day and a great weekend ahead.
Ann said…
Wow, they come to your house to fix things? Glad it was an easy one and the screen wasn't actually cracked
kathyinozarks said…
good news-and even a house call too-awesome
Glad that worked out well, JP and those screen protectors are well worth the cost which really isn't too much. Maybe you should consider switching back to the Otter Box case?

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