Fall Ions

It seems that I find "love" everywhere.  In the photo above, did you see the shadow of the rock in the foreground that resembles a heart?

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Fall Ions

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Understanding the impact of just what and how Mother Nature affects us is often difficult.  Sunny clear days often invoke sunny, positive attitudes while damp, cold days often affect people adversely.  Fortunately, other than the full moon, I usually have a sunny outlook.  How about you?  Do the ions in the atmosphere affect your mood?

"Several experimental human studies on air ion exposure and mood ratings have been published throughout the years. ... Some experimental research indicates that exposure to negative air ions is linked to reduced depression severity [4-8], lower psychological stress [9], less anxiety [10], and enhanced well-being [11-14]."


Michelle said…
I do see the shadow heart in the first photo. These scenes are perfect fall representations.
Ann said…
I didn't notice the heart in the first one until you mentioned it.
Pretty fall landscapes
Terra said…
Those are beautiful fall colors and scenes and yes, that rock has the shape of a heart with its shadow.
Lady Fi said…
Stunning autumn colours!

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