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Sitting at the desk getting ready to work on a post, I found myself watching the flock of American Robins take cover in the wooded area on the West side of the house.  It would be great if they decided to Winter over here in my woods!  Being so chilly the morning I spotted them, I figured that the worms were moving slowly making them easy for them to catch.  That was back in the Fall.

Fast forward to the warmth of the Summer and now I find it interesting to watch the flock that inhabit the graveyard where I observe one of the Osprey nests.  Always cheery, always effervescent and always matter what...
another lesson from Mother Nature.

As for the Osprey nests, both are doing fine.  Fledging should be occurring soon, so visiting the nests daily has become a priority.  As I told you before, both nests have three chicks and the males are working so hard supplying fish to their offspring, dropping fish frequently.

Bear with me on these photos because the cell tower is 281 yards away from where I stand, so they are not the best.  Here you can see the female standing guard on the lower platform of the tower while the chicks are in the nest.  The male had headed to the river for another fish.

This is a shot of the three chicks.  The one in the background is exhibiting "branching" behavior...flapping of their wings, soon to be followed by flapping with hopping and gain of elevation...all prior to their first flight (aka fledge).

Fledging is not just a "phase" in an Eagle or Osprey's life.  It is monumental...a milestone.  Branching teaches them about their ability to fly several weeks before actually flying.  They will soon practice short take-offs and landings on and around the nest, gaining strength and improving their agility and landing ability.  It is a crucial stage in their life.

seeing, saying, and sharing...

Bird Business

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eileeninmd said…

It is always neat to see these beautiful raptors and their young. That is some nest on the cell tower. The Robin are beautiful too. Great post and information on the Osprey! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, have a great weekend.
How amazing to spot the nest in that tower. Great photos! And we love seeing the Robins here too. Happy weekend.
Jean said…
How neat to have a view of an Osprey nest. Must be so fun to watch. Enjoyed reading about them and seeing your photos. Nice pictures of the robins as well.
Linda said…
I have robins too and they are fun to see. Your ospreys are interesting.
Anni said…
Robins are here in Texas (but rarely in our part) so, It's a treat for me. As are the osprey today...your commentary was educational.
Thanks so much for coming by I'd Rather B Birdin this week and linking in!
Anu said…
Hello. Interesting. Birds sometimes nest in very strange places.
Rambling Woods said…
I'm glad things are going well for the birds..I think our heat wave killed a lot of nestlings as I have not seeing them as I usually do now..

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