The No Brainer

Walking into the gym Monday, I was feeling a little anxious.  I hadn't been there in a week and wondered what everyone's reaction would be.  Walking up to a few of the gals I chat with, I removed my glasses and said, "Girls, I'm only going to tell the story once so take a good look at my face.  Now you get to chose what happened:

A.  I slipped and fell and split my head open;
B.  I was Frankenstein's Sister for Halloween and can't get the make-up off; or
C.  I had a spot removed from my face."

Watching their reactions and listening to them gasp, I waited patiently before pointing to the first gym buddy for her answer.  She said, "A.  Are you okay?  What happened?"

Buddy #2 agreed as did buddy #3.  Looking perplexed, buddy #4 just shook her head and shrugged her shoulders.

I said, "Wrong.  C.  I had a spot the size of a poppy seed removed from my face.  It was a basil cell carcinoma that had been there for at least 16 years.  The roots, thank GOD traveled ONLY laterally which is why the incision is 1 3/4".

Tomorrow I return to the Dermatologist to have a second spot removed.  This time it's on my forehead and I was told by the nurse last week, after the doctor stitched me up, "JP, we want you to avoid bending, and over exertion for a few days.  Also, don't be surprised if you get a black eye from this one since it was so close to your eye.  And next week, when we do your forehead, remember foreheads bruise easily so expect much more bruising."

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The No Brainer

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Ann said…
Given the choices, I guessed C so I got it right.
Terra said…
Wow, that is a big deal and I hope you heal and that your second surgery on your forehead is also successful. Nobody guessed right!

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