Santas Helper

Over the Christmas holiday I had a little extra help this year. Working at my side as each task was undertaken, Katniss apparently felt the need to experience the spirit of Christmas.  Last year when she was a kitten we had absolutely no problems with her.  She curled up and slept under the tree quietly and didn’t disturb anything. This year however was a different story.

While I did a little baking, Katniss waited patiently on my chair for me to resume addressing Christmas cards.  She sniffed each and every card rubbing up against it as it was placed in the pile.

For starters, she ate the "hair" (made of strands of white yarn) off the reindeer.  Once I spotted her doing that, I gave the silver deer a haircut so there was none left for her to devour!  So now we have a pretty silver reindeer with a mohawk!!

Oh and then there was the morning she discovered the "gold nuggets" in the red velvet box, which the Pres and I have had for 30 years!!  I do know it was a gift from someone who said it was meant to be us good fortune.  Unfortunately I do not remember who gave it to us...:(  Of course, the spray bottle of water had to come out from hiding during the holidays.  Using it as a deterrent when she tried to BITE the lights on the tree, I found that it did the trick rather nicely.

And as you all have discovered yourselves, Katniss found out that Christmas is exhausting!  Each and every day, once she sees me sitting down, she comes over, sits at my feet patiently while I grab a blanket and place it on my lap then jumps up to cuddle.  Through all the wonderful gifts I received, she is still at the top of the list!  Thank you, Santa!

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Santas Helper

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Ann said…
Katniss has been a busy girl. Look how innocent she looks though in those last two pictures.
kathyinozarks said…
very sweet story-I enjoyed it
Zhoen said…
Cats are a gift that give and give.

Oh, and that's a spammer you got there. I find it best to delete and report them asap.
Stewart M said…
Cats and Christmas are a mix bound to cause some fun - we were away this holiday, and we had a 'house sitter' who did not put up a tree. We received a letter of complaint from the cats!

Cheers - Stewart M - (finally back in) Melbourne
Cats are endlessly entertaining even if it's at the expense of their owners. Most cat owners I know always have a spray bottle handy too.

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