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Excited about using the food processor I got for Christmas, I couldn't wait to use it.   Skimming through the directions about how it worked and all the other "whoopla," when the Pres went grocery shopping, I asked him to pick up a big, fat head of cabbage.

"Tonight we're having leftover ham with potato salad and cole slaw," I announced.

Off he went while I worked on the potato salad.  Once that was done, I removed all the contents from the box to start washing all the parts.

By the time the Pres returned, I looked like this:

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Talk About Sharp

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One more thing.  Giving yourself First Aid with one working hand is not easy!  Keeping a tight grip on the pressure point while bandaging is a real challenge but I am glad I took First Aid Training!


Ann said…
OOPS!! But at least you know the blades are sharp. I have a very old food processor that is broken but still usable. I've been wanting a new one but can't get myself to break down and buy one.
Michelle said…
They are great machines, but be careful!!!
Funny you should mention a food processor and first aid, JP, because I had the same problem last week. I was putting a food processor blade in a bag and cut my right thumb on the blade. It is very hard to try and bandage yourself when such a smallish cut is bleeding, but got it done as you did.
Oh wow. That must have hurt. I find that I need to be very careful in the kitchen these days. - Margy
NCSue said…
Hope you heal fast!
Thanks for linking up at
Mandy said…
Yep, food processor blades are sharp! Hope your finger heals quickly!
Oh, dear. They are indeed sharp implements. I am terrified every time I use my mandeline and make absolutely sure I grip that holder tightly. I'd rather leave a chunk of a veggie than slice my fingers up too. But, I wouldn't give up the food processor or the mandeline.

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