Dear Winter

Dear Winter,

Although I have always been fond of your blankets of deep, white snow with frozen, crusty surfaces on which I could use my snowshoes and burn calories galore, I am beginning to get fed up with the cold, blustery winds you have brought me instead this year.    The trails are icy, making walking and hiking treacherous.  

Even the critters that visit us appear chilly and anxious for Spring.  Just look closely at these pix.  Both the turkeys and the young doe appear to be "looking" for Spring.  

By the way, while the ground-hogs predicted an early Spring, we have had nothing but cold and damp weather, blanketing the ground with heavy early morning fog.  If you could speak to Mother Nature and have her send in some warmth for us, it would be appreciated.  Please bring us several consecutive sunny days that will allow the ground to thaw and what lies beneath to flourish once again.

Sincerely, the Locals

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Dear Winter

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Ann said…
LOL I just finished scheduling my post for tomorrow and I also mentioned that Phil predicted an early spring but Old man winter had to have the last word
eileeninmd said…

Love the deer and turkeys, nice visitors. We are expecting 4 days in a row of cloudy rainy weather. I am not so sure about the early spring. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week!
Phil Slade said…
I agree. While a day or two of snow and ice can be pretty, I soon tire of the cold and the slushy paths. I then long for the spring. It won't be long. Hang on in there you and me.

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