Dirty Windows Don't Matter

It was early.  Sitting at my small antique desk going through a few photos, I saw something move outside.  Looking through the patterned sheers and seeing it, I was speechless.  The only thing I had to take a photo with was my phone.  Because my windows are dirty, they are not the clearest, however when a beautiful critter like this is hunting right in front of you, dirty windows don't matter. 

Hunting for it's breakfast, it listened intently, then pounced quickly burying it's nose in the hole it dug.

After devouring it's catch, it sat and scratched leisurely before heading North.

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Dirty Windows Don't Matter

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MadSnapper said…
he is gorgeous!!! I agree dirty windows don't matter
Angie said…
Catching sight of a fox visitor always brings a smile to my heart and face. :) So glad you got a picture!
Ann said…
How exciting to see him right outside your window.
If you hadn't mentioned your windows being dirty, I wouldn't have noticed. How wonderful you were able to capture with your phone this lovely creature. Thanks for sharing. FlowerLady
Stewart M said…
What a great thing to see. Foxes are not popular in Australia, due to them being introduced from Europe.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
I was wondering JP what exactly was on that fox’s menu, a small animal or bird?

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