Heartfelt Gift

Yes, I admit I am old as well as the fact that I want to try new things.  So, when a friend suggested that I try digiscoping, I was curious.  Then, for whatever reason, things started to fall into place.

Purchasing a scope to replace the less expensive one he bought several years ago, the Pres told me that it is a little better quality.  Off I went to see what I could see with the small, lightweight device.

Well, I can tell you that using a spotting scope is a whole different world than using a camera!  On my first few attempts, I couldn’t even get my subject (the pair of doves) in view!!  Once home I asked the Pres to give me a few pointers. Once he explained the "field of view," and thinking I now knew what I was doing, I took it with me the following day and placed it on my bean bag as I peeked at the Eagles’ nest.  Turning the focus dial, after adjusting the power gave me a beautiful view of the still empty nest.

However before leaving my friends’ property, the man of the house told me come in and get warm before heading home.  Telling them about my new endeavor, my friend's husband disappeared into a room off the dining room and returned carrying a large carrying case.  Placing it on the table he said, “JP, return that scope and take this one.  We’ve only used it about three times and "Carole" didn’t like it.  You can have it.  Put it to good use.  It’s sitting in there collecting dust.  Take it.  It now belongs to you.”

Hugging and thanking him, I put on my boots, hat, jacket and my fingerless green, wool mittens that my friend, Carole, had knitted for me and headed toward the door.  Teary-eyed, I slung the large spotting scope over my shoulder and closed the door behind me.  

Oh, don't worry.  Although we miss Carole tremendously, I smile each time I go to their yard.  Stopping in to visit her hubby once or twice a week, I fill him in on my adventures using their scope.

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Heartfelt Gift


Ann said…
I have never heard of digiscoping before. How nice of him to give you that
That sounds pretty cool. I'm going to check into this!
betty-NZ said…
That's a new one for me, but it looks so interesting! Thanks for posting about it, it might just be the incentive I need :)

I'm so glad to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

My Corner of the World
Veronica Lee said…
Interesting! I've never heard of digiscoping before.

Have a great weekend!
Michelle said…
I haven't heard of this before, but you have me intrigued and I will have to investigate! Thanks for linking up!

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