Turkey Stuff

Looking out the DR slider and immediately spotting the dark, odd-spahed thing far into the woods on the South side of our yard, I turned and returned to whatever it was I was doing.  Minutes later, I returned to the slider and began wondering what it was.  The irregular shipped thing was not there yesterday....hmmmmm?

Time passed and finally when the Pres woke up, I said, "Hon, does that look like a turkey to you?  It has been standing there for close to thirty minutes...same position, same place?  Am I loosing it?  Why would it just stand there?"

Sipping on his orange juice, he said, "It may sense that something is stalking it so it remains frozen."

Well I will tell you that it stayed there for the longest time and although I wasn't at the slider when it wandered off, I hope it made it safely to wherever it was headed.  I was actually wondering it it was related to "Loser," the turkey who can get into our yard but not out!  

Aside from that particular instance that day, the turkey activity here has been normal.  The young jakes come in and stay for hours around the feeders.  And yes, I believe "Looser" is bringing her young to the yard as well. 

Now that we eradicated the Japanese barberry down below and the dead trees moved into one pile, there is a lot of space for them to forage through.  And that could explain the forty or so that occasionally block the gravel road entirely...slowly crossing, one after another.

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Turkey Stuff
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Stewart M said…
They are remarkable looking birds - but I suspect that they become very nervous at certain times of the year!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
I am always amazed, JP, when you post photos of the wildlife in your back yard and especially the wild turkeys.
Rambling Woods said…
I see you haven't posted in a while..I am hope are OK....Michelle
Judi said…
Yes, I, too, hope things are ok with you.

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