A Real Team

The other day, I thought long hard about what I would do at home to help pass the time because it was, once again, raining pretty steadily and a walk was out of the question.  Well, before I knew it, out came my trusty dust mop.  Just one more thing was needed to make the work easier.

Putting my earbuds in place, I put on "Al Greens Greatest Hits" and started dancing to the music while pushing the dust-mop.  Before I knew, I was done with downstairs but once I got to the staircase, there was a little surprise waiting for me when I got to the main level of the house.

There sat Katniss.  I used the dust-mop.  She used her forehead.

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A Real Team

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Rose said…
Good music....when Roger is not here I will blast the music to clean by.
Ann said…
Aww, how nice of her to help with the housework. I wish Gibbs would help out around here.
NCSue said…
Such a sweety!
Thank you for joining us at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/04/loving-springtime.html, and please stay safe and well.
Listening to music always helps to make the chores go faster, JP, and a helper is even better!
Veronica Lee said…
Such a gorgeous kitty!

Happy Saturday!

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