After The Storm

On Monday, winds up to 60 mph were forecasted.  Thinking I should check on the two Osprey nests even though it was pouring rain, I was saddened when I saw this at the first nest.  Tucking it's head down on it's chest, the male Osprey sat motionless in the driving wind and rain as it's mate (not visible in this photo) was hunkered down on eggs.  At the second nest, both adults were at the nest.  (This is the one I really was worried about since it sit's on top of a cell tower and had to be built from scratch this year...another story).

However, the construction of the nest held up as did the Osprey!  Tuesday morning I found them enjoying breakfast after the male delivered it to the nest. 

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After The Storm

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The pair at Nest #1 faired well as did the nest itself.  They both were on alert as a hawk flew over before heading Southeast toward the river. 


Wildlife are stronger than we ever give them credit for, I believe. Or maybe it's simply our soft human hearts that worry about them so. I think it might be a combination of both. So happy your wonderful birds are ok, JP! Love, Andrea xoxo
Good to hear that both nests fared well through the storm.
I started reading with dread, after your first few sentences. What a relief that both nests fared okay, as did the eggs in them. Phew.

A few years ago I remember watching one of those Bald Eagle cams, and a late snow occurred, and the female remained motionless on the nest, getting covered with snow, protecting and keeping warm the eggs. That one had a happy ending, too, thankfully.
Ann said…
I always feel bad for birds/animals out in weather like that but I suppose they weather storms better than we do most times.

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