After Yesterday

Yesterday was miserable for me. 

Waking up feeling fine, I fed Katniss, took my temp and made my coffee just like always.  Changing the comforter on my bed gave the room a fresher appearance which I wanted since Spring is knocking on our door (even though there was snow on the ground!).

Eating my normal breakfast just like always, around mid-morning I made my smoothie, planning on sipping it as I continued doing things around the house.  The Pres had left by 5:30 am since he, once again, was heading to the farm only this time he had to take my car.  He blew the transmission on his Dodge Diesel on Thursday, had it towed to a mechanic's house where the transmission will be delivered.

All of a sudden...and I mean all of a sudden...I felt sick to my stomach.  While I will not go into colorful details or describe everything in detail, all I will say is that I was sick to my stomach for four hours!

By the time the Pres got home I was in my bedroom, with the door closed and my antique, white enamel bed pan at my side along with a roll of TP.  

Thank goodness for cell phones!

I called him and while he thought I was merely downstairs taking a late afternoon nap, he was surprised to find out I was feeling YUCKY.  

Yes, thoughts of covid ran through my mind with each waking moment but then realized that I had too many "good signs" going on for me.

seeing, saying, sharing...

After Yesterday

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jabblog said…
I hope you're feeling better now. Covid-19 is always the first thing to pass through one's mind, isn't it?
Bummer. Hope you're better soon.
Ann said…
Oh no. I hope you're feeling better. There have been a couple times when I've felt a little off and instantly the first thing I think of is covid. All the news has me a bit paranoid I guess.
I think you're like me, in that you don't make a good sick person, because it doesn't happen all that often - I hope as you are reading this, you're feeling better and whatever it was doesn't come back! Take care!!!
Yes, the virus is the first thing on all of our minds, isn't it. Nausea that comes on that suddenly makes me think of the regular ole flu or a bit of food poisoning. But it puts the fear into you, during these times, doesn't it. I hope you are feeling much better now and that whatever-it-was passed quickly. Love, Andrea xoxo
What a terrible feeling to be feeling sick and then being alone and fearing the worst. I do hope that you are on the way to feeling better, JP. It does sound like something you ate might have disagreed with you and not in a really bad way.
Stewart M said…
Hope there is a good news end to this story!

Stewart M - Melbourne

PS: sweeping leaves makes me sneeze - now every one feels like I knock on deaths door!!!

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