Another "Find"

Coming across this picturesque find, I forgot all about something known as "COVID19".  That was last month before the numbers became worrisome.  Added to my list of "weekly walks", it is one of my favorite spots.

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Another "Find"

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Ann said…
It's pretty and that reflection is amazing.
Gorgeous photo. I like the reflection and beautiful blue colors. Are you still allowed to do the Bald Eagle nest observations, or is that on hold due to the Lock Down here in CT? Did the towns in your area close the local parks, or are they still open? (Here in Fairfield County, a lot / all towns closed their local parks, etc.) I'm hoping the State Parks and Forests will remain open, but if bad apples congregate and violate the social distancing rules, Lamont will be forced to close them too. :-(
Oh, oh, oh..... how absolutely gorgeous!! Yes, this view would be enough to leave the virus very far behind. I would love to have seen Bob Ross paint this scene! Love, Andrea xoxo
Lovely moments like this one are great to think about amidst all the sadness in the world today.
James said…
So beautiful!

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