Define "Few"

When the Pres began driving a few weeks ago for his friend who owns greenhouses, I was a wreck.  The reason was not because he would be on the road making deliveries of Spring plants, but of potential impact of Covid19 IF he came in contact with anyone/anything while making the deliveries.  Yet, the Pres couldn't see my reason for worrying.  The Pres, who has always been a very, very cavalier individual simply said. "See you later and off he went."  But one day, after several weeks of delivering, he asked me if I wanted "a few" Daffodils to plant for next year.  I said, "Absolutely!"

Last week when the transmission died on his Dodge Diesel, he came home with "a few" Daffs.  When I stepped outside, there they were...forty eight 6" pots, each holding 5 Daffs! 

Wondering where I would plant them all, that night it hit me.  Suddenly a plan came to mind.  It was really very simple.  I would share them...sixteen for my son and sixteen for my daughter would leave sixteen for me.  PERFECT!  The next day I texted my son and daughter (both "essentials") to expect a delivery.  Off I went driving first to Western CT then across the state to meet my daughter at the RI border. Sharing happiness is a "feel good."

seeing, saying, and sharing...

Define "Few"

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Ann said…
48 pots is a way more than a few but nice to have them and enough to share.
A 'happy' post. Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady
eileeninmd said…

It is nice to share! Happy planting. Take care, enjoy your day and new week!
Yeah, definitions vary, as they say. At the very beginning of this virus stuff, a friend asked if any of her sewing group wanted some daisy or black eyed susan plants. She had too many and had taken some up. Two of us said yes. We EACH lef with two flats or more of them! I only put part of them out as I already have each but wanted a "few" more.
And when you and your son and daughter see them bloom, they will bring a touch of cheer to all because as it's been said "sharing is indeed caring." Hope that you and Joe and your family stay well, JP.
*haha* A "few" indeed. How wonderful you had enough to share the wealth. Love, Andrea xoxo
Lydia C. Lee said…
They'll be lovely!!
Rose said…
That is nice!
that's a lot of daffodils! They'll look lovely in bloom
Rambling Woods said…
Wow that is a lot of daffs!!! Great idea to share..Those little early bloomers make me smile every year...Michelle
betty-NZ said…
LOL That's my idea if 'a few' when it comes to flowers! How lovely that he brought them home to you and that you have enough to share :)

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