Giant Clippers

Spring is here and yes, although we are told to stay home, there is always plenty to do.  After picking up the branches that came down recently, I decided to get out my big clippers and do a little trimming.   When I turned to walk toward the garage, I realized that these giant trimmers were really ME...:)

seeing, saying, and sharing...

Giant Clippers

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jo(e) said…
Ha ha. Great photo.
Funny. We actually used manual hedge clippers to cut the tall grass under the bird feeder yesterday. We don't have a string trimmer anymore. Worked just fine. Given the times, we may need to get a trimmer again if our yard guy chooses not to come, although he's outside by himself the whole time.
Oh JP, that is just about the coolest thing I've ever seen!!! *haha* Thank you so much for posting and definitely brightening my Sunday!! Love, Andrea xoxo
Ann said…
Dang, I could clip the whole row od hedges in one clip with
Just what we all needed at the start of another week, JP a bit of humor because it can't hurt, especially now. It's good to be able to get outdoors even if only in solitude. Stay well, blogger friend.
I'm sure I've never before seen a human shadow that long!

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