Growing Grass

One of my pet projects over the past few weeks has been growing grass. 

No, not the kind that grows in your yard.

No, not the kind you can smoke.

The kind you eat.

Well, not you and not me but Katniss!

When I ordered the kit, I really was hesitant as I placed the seeds in the soil.

Yet, with a little patience and some sunshine, it soon looked pretty tantalizing if I say so myself. 

I learned quickly though to not let her "graze" (because she literally pulled out the roots which were soon being scooted around and hidden in the furniture and under the carpet!).

So, I trim it and place it in her dish, making us both happy.

I might add SHE LOVES IT!!!

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Growing Grass

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*haha* This made me smile, seeing Katniss enjoying her greens. I wonder if she would like the sprouted seeds, such as humans grow & eat? I bet she would. Have a wonderful day~ Andrea xoxo
jabblog said…
Oh, I love that idea, but I know our cats would either ignore it or destroy it. They much prefer to graze on any potted herbs I bring in to the kitchen!
Debby said…
I used to have a catnip plant that my male cat, would first start out nibbling and before I knew it, he would be laying on his back, with his paws around the clay pot, dirt, and catnip all over him.

I should grow some grass for my indoor cat. She likes to smell the bottom of our Lab's paws after a romp on the lawn. Maybe she smells the grass!
Ann said…
Catniss is a lucky kitty.
betty-NZ said…
What a great idea. And learning how to deal with the cat's habits, too!
I should try that for my cat.

Your link is a great addition to 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for linking up!
RobertN said…
I want a photo with cat too:)
Veronica Lee said…
What a cute kit! Lucky kitty!

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