With so many reports of the bad news, I would like to see and hear more reports of GOOD NEWS.  

However, do not worry about me.  My "disruption in service" was/is related to my very seasonal allergies and sinuses because today, EARTH DAY, I woke up feeling as "chipper" as ever.  Sure the current temp here is only 36 degrees with a wind making it feel even colder and while I was planning on walking, my plans changed.

After breakfast, and after checking on both Osprey nests, I delivered flowers.  Yes, you heard me..."soon to be" flowers.  After all, it's Earth Day and showing a little appreciation is due.

seeing, saying, sharing...


with you and 

"...the earth is all we have.  It's an ancient ball, completely self contained.  There are NO replacement parts.  We all have to work together as a unit for it's protection."  Diane Benson Davis


Rambling Woods said…
Oh that bluebird......Michelle
Ann said…
Love the goldfinch but tha bluebird is simply beautiful.
Anni said…
Both, beautiful! But, oh that so gorgeous. Couldn't be a more perfect composition. "Should be framed". Thanks for linking in this week at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

This is allergy season...stay well.
It was really cold here, in northern-most Indiana, on Earth Day yesterday too. It was 37 degrees when I filled the feeders but I'm sure the windchill was below freezing. However, the air still smelled like spring... does yours too? It has that distinct smell that I don't think is influenced by temperature... thank goodness! Beautiful pictures! Love, Andrea xoxo
Glad to know all is well with you, JP, although I have my doubts about the Earth especially these days. However from news accounts I have been seeing and reading a few, Mother Earth may be doing better than some of her inhabitants. Thanks for the updates and allergies are the ban of many now, perhaps lessened due to being indoors more than usual.
Linda said…
Love the bluebird. Ever wonder if Mother Earth is trying to shake us off?

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