Stay Home

Being told to shelter in place and as of today for everyone to wear masks, really isn't that bad.  Asking the Pres to help put in the screens as I washed windows earlier in the week was yet another task done.  Closets are getting straightened out, weeding is being done a little at a time, as is Spring planting of last year's seed.  Then of course, there's my insatiable craving for good eggplant parm!!

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Stay Home

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Confession:  Yes, I miss my friends, the gym, Tai Chi (although we are meeting via ZOOM, it's just not the same), and my LIFE, yet most of all I miss my family.  So, Easter Sunday morning, my daughter, who lives in RI, and I decided to meet at the border.  RI restricted motorists unless they are deemed essential so that morning as I handed her half of the Lemon Bundt cake, there we a parking lot at the border, wearing our masks, chatting face to face...sort of.  Now that I got that off my chest, I'm thankful also for having met her...:)


Ann said…
Glad you got to see your daughter and I wish I had your ambition.
eileeninmd said…

I am glad you got to see your daughter, they cake looks yummy.

Take care! Enjoy your day, wishing you a great weekend!
Michele Morin said…
I agree with you that this time of confinement is "not that bad," and I'm also doing a lot of comfort food therapy for my family, as well as trying to get outside to burn off the extra calories!
Michelle said…
I will admit that I enjoy being at home and this isn't so bad for me. Lots of cooking and I like that! Thanks for linking up.
Yeah, saw my friend this morning when she dropped of her sewing machines to be taken to the shop when I take mine later today. First time I've seen her in a month. We talk and text but not the same. Seems like lots of folks are cooking extra but that urge hasn't hit me.
Yes, life is different but it sounds like you're handling it just fine, JP. I think all of us will feel better when things get back to "normal". Love, Andrea xoxo
Lea said…
It is a shame the news constantly reports on deaths from this virus, but completely ignores the 95% that have recovered or have had very mild symptoms that did not need hospitalization!
Glad you were able to see your daughter and share the cake (even if you two would be eating it in separate places)
Have a blessed weekend!

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