Surprise Visitor

As  I told you in a previous post, the Eagles' nest I was monitoring failed.  However, since the property belongs to a friend of mine, I still drop by just to see what's going on.  The adults are still hanging out there although not a frequently so when I walked in one day and spotted something sitting to the left of the nest, I had to investigate.

Hoping that the bird would not fly away until I got down to my "sit spot" closer to the water, I kept my eyes on it while making my way over the fallen limbs and protruding rocks.  And to make it more challenging, since the nest had failed, I did not have my camera or tripod with me, let alone my folding seat!  

Anyway, placing my trusty bean bag on a good sized boulder as a cushion for the scope, I knelt down.  The photos are not "camera quality" but hopefully you can somewhat see what a 4th year immature looks like.  This bird hatched out in 2017 (so 2017 counts as year one).  Now what Is also interesting are two well known facts about Eagles:  they never forget where they were born; they frequently return "home".  

One more note to add to the mix...this nest fledged one in 2017. Hmmmmm....I wonder????

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Surprise Visitor

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Nice to see one of the fledgings out and about, JP. No worries about not having the proper equipment as sometimes you just use what you have and thanks for sharing.
Home is always home... even for eagles. <3 <3 Love, Andrea xoxo
Perhaps next year or so? I am just amazed that you folks can tell how old a juvenile is. Heard a speaker a year or so ago who showed us photos and differences but do you think I remember any of it? Nah.
Ann said…
Well that is really interesting that they never forget where they were born.
eileeninmd said…
Great sighting of the eagle. I hope they return next year. Take care, wishing you a happy day!
Anni said…
Hi! I'm having a bit of challenge connecting to the 'net these days. Finally, resorting to my phone connection....aren't those birds amazing? I love your photo & want to thank you for linking in at I'd Rather B Birdin this week.
Rambling Woods said…
Nature surprises are the best....Michelle
A gripping read. It would be exciting to have eagles living nearby. The best I can rise to is a couple of crows nesting in a nearby tree. (Which I am glad to see though!)
Most days I click to see how a particular pair of white storks are doing in their nest in the Netherlands. There's a web cam.

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