The Nest

Going to visit the nest several times a week, I was elated to see that the pair of Bald Eagles had returned.  That was back in January and by the beginning of February, they were occasionally doing nest work.  As the end of February approached, their devotion to the nest and each other was even more apparent.  All good signs.

And then after appearing to be on eggs, and rotating incubation duties, something happened.  I began to notice behaviors that should not be...not if there were eggs.  Reporting my observations to CT DEEP, and after they analyzed my notes and photos, the nest was deemed a "failure."  "They should be a lot father along than they are."  Whether the eggs were infertile or nonviable, we don't know, however, Mother Nature had over.  There would be no hatchlings at this nest this year. 

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The Nest

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Awwwww..... *sniff*. I'm so sorry to hear this. I know Mother Nature knows best but sometimes her knowledge makes us sad all the same, doesn't it. Blessings upon the mother & father in this case who tried. Love, Andrea xoxo

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