Time To Check In

Concerned over the high winds predicted for today here in the Northeast, I wondered if the Covid19 testing stations would survive.  Then, as I grabbed a box of cereal from the "Abe" (the very tall spare cupboard we had built when we lived in VA), I decided that I would need to check in on the two Osprey nests that I keep an eye on.  Yes, a road trip would be necessary yet winds are said to be about 55 mph by this afternoon.   Considering both nests are out in the open and on tall structures...one is atop a cell tower; the other a light pole at a park...less than 10 miles from my home, I am convinced that I'll have to do a health-wellness check

seeing, saying, sharing...

Time To Check In

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Oh my goodness, JP.... your blog looks very different to me today..... in a different format. I can read the first few sentences of each post but there's nothing for me to click on, so that I can read the rest. :-( I wonder if I'm just not seeing what I'm supposed to do. Love, Andrea xoxo
Anonymous said…
Thanks for letting me know. I've been re-designing Andrea and am not really sure what I'm doing either...LOL!!!
Anonymous said…
Andrea, from what I can figure out, if you click on the "ribbon" it will open the post in a new window. However, I also just clicked on the end of the post and it opened the new window also. I'm trying a cleaner, less cluttered look. ...:)jp
JP, I tried clicking on the ribbon and the post and get nothing other than the first few lines.
Linda said…
Aww, good luck to the ospreys!
Rambling Woods said…
Nature moves forward no matter what we humans are dealing with...Michelle

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