Looking For Treasure

When I went for my five mile hike in the woods this week, I was actually glad that it was so chilly for a few reasons.  First, the chilly, damp, overcast morning made me move a little faster to create body heat and secondly, I saw NO ONE.  

What I did discover were a few treasures throughout the woods that I have here at home like Trillium, Adders Tongue, fiddleheads, and lots and lots of wet, soggy earth.  


Theirs:  If you know what this is, please tell me.

Pre-emergence Jack-in-the-Pulpit (mine)
 No, I wasn't expecting to discover the similarities between the trail through the woods and our "space" however, I must say that when I saw the "Thank You" painted on the rock sitting perfectly on the moss covered stump, I was glad that I was part of this Earth and humanity.

seeing, saying, and sharing...

Looking For Treasure

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The "Thank You" made my heart swell, JP. You came upon a lot of treasures along your trek.❤️

Ann said…
You saw lots on your hike but the painted rock was the best.
Stewart M said…
Five miles with no-one sounds like paradise to me! Very jealous!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne (ps: how are things in your neck of the woods?)
Nice that you were able to get out and go for a long walk without people being nearby. I really dislike wearing a mask when outdoors and with no one around there's no need (in my opinion). That said we're planning to take a long walk in a nearby park later today and hopefully will find some treasures.
Veronica Lee said…
Such lovely treasures to discover on your walk! Especially the "Thank You" rock!
Rose said…
Oh, i so want to know what that one plant is...I feel like I should know but if I do I can not pull it from the recesses of my mind. I love your other shots. An love the Painted Rock.
Tiggeriffic said…
Decided to look at your blog and ta da there you were.. I always enjoyed reading all about what you are doing.. I was excited to see that you are still blogging.
I Love Nature and enjoy looking at all the pictures..
Have a Tiggeriffic Day ~!~! I'll be back to look at your blog more often now.. I missed you...
Your plant photographs look great. It's nice to see someone left a "ninja pebble" / painted rock for others to see. I walked around Bethel, CT a few weeks ago, and someone had left a few of those at each statue by the library. Good idea to go for a walk when the weather was less than ideal, to increase your chances of not seeing anyone else: I hadn't thought of that, but I like that plan.

I know you monitor Bald Eagle and Osprey nests in your area, but do you get information about other nests within CT? I saw a brief news story about a Bald Eagle pair being photographed in a tree at Longshore Golf Course in Westport, CT, and it made me wonder if they had a nest in there somewhere, too. It's an ideal location, right on Long Island Sound, with plenty of fish to find and eat. :-) I'm thinking of making a "road trip" to that location, to see if I can find and photograph them, but I think the golf course is open, too, so I won't want to risk human interactions. :-(

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