Recipes You Don't Misplace

Today we're having some rather inclement weather...thunderstorms and hail, although this morning the sun was out and it was 60 degrees.  The morning gave me a chance to fertilize my garden beds with a homemade concoction created by Jerry Baker and this afternoon, I dug out my favorite recipe for Midnight Espresso Crinkles.

seeing, saying, and sharing...

Recipes You Don't Misplace

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Michelle said…
Those look delicious!
Ann said…
Those cookies looks so good. Good thing I'm not there, I would eat a dozen of
So, you're gonna make us drool and now share the recipe? Anything with chocolate/coffee gets my attention right away.
Bet these tasted delicious on a rainy afternoon with a hot cup of coffee or cold milk, JP. Nothing is better than cookies, especially chocolate ones.

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