The "One" (Part 2)

Working hard to build a nest for this season, the male worked almost nonstop until the day that female showed up.  Appearing to be so excited they seemed to flirt with each other high above the nest.  It was wonderful to see!

And then I saw it.  It was yet another Osprey approaching fast and furious from the North.  She already had a mate.  It was a pair trying to take over his nest!!

He did his best to ward them off as they dove at each other near the cell tower.  Feeling such a sense of relief when the pair flew off heading South, I was proud of the lone male protecting what was his.

Each day I returned to watch the lone adult and wondered when and IF he would venture off to find a female.  The pair always seemed to be close, appearing every now and then waiting for just the right opportunity to steal his home.

Then one day in the beginning of April, after torrential rains, I pulled in to observe and saw that the pair had won the battle.  There they sat, one in the nest and the mate on the tower's edge as the "lone" male circled high above.  Defenseless against the two hawks, he had no choice but to move on.

Yes, the pair is on eggs and yes, I monitor their activity.  For that I am thankful.  Yet  
in my heart, I hope that my "lone" adult has found "his love" too.  Don't you?

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The "One"
(Part 2)
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eileeninmd said…
Cool captures of the Osprey and nest! Wishing you a happy day!
As my mother always said "There's a lid for every pot!" I hope your Osprey finds their beloved too. Love, Andrea xoxo
Ann said…
What a great story but a rather sad ending for the lone male. All his hard work on the nest only to be forced out.
Angela said…
Some birds seem to build their nests at such odd locations. Who would have thought they would feel safe on those pole things?
Yes JP, I too hope that this story of new love will have a happy ending, just like in fairy tales.

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