A La Cart

After my MIL passed away, I suggested to the Pres that we take Mama's old golf cart to live with us.  My logic was simple...we were the oldest and with our daily "gravel" road walk to get the paper, mail and the weekly trip to bring down/up the trash bins, we would probably be the first to need it.

In the almost nine years we've been here, it's been used a handful of times and that was for fun things like me picking up my granddaughter at the bottom of the driveway and letting her drive back up to the garage...the Pres' garage.  

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Meanwhile the new mower arrived and was parked in my garage.  Then the Pres began to grumble about how much space the old golf cart was taking up in his garage.  So one weekend I told him I would help him rearrange a few things.  

I'll begin by saying "Holy moosepoops!!" because when I first walked into his garage I truly saw what he was talking about...THERE WAS LITERALLY NO ROOM.  Charging the batteries, I then moved it outside with plans of swapping places with the new mower.  This is how it went...

"Hon, what is in that big box in the middle of the floor?"

"Oh, the box is empty.  I just use it to put things on."

"Well, how about if I move the two paint cans and paint tray off of it and put them where the other paint stuff is then we can toss the box?"  (The box was 3 1/2' tall by 2 1/2' square...taking up SPACE.)

After the box was gone, my eyes skimmed the top of one of his work benches.  "Hon, why do you have work gloves here, two pairs over there, and is that another pair I see on that other workbench?"

"I don't know.  It's where I put them."

Four hours later, the snow blower had been relocated to an empty corner which was not empty when we started and the new mower fits with plenty of room walk around:

his 62" commercial mower
air compressor
pressure washer
his Honda ATV
the eight tree stands (because they are now hanging on the wall)
the snow plow for the ATV
the snow plow for his Dodge Diesel
his Dodge Diesel
two full size workbenches holding drills, drill press, table saw, jig saw

Heaven help me when I get called back in for round two!!!

Meanwhile, we pressure washed the old golf cart, and the Pres removed the metal framed wooden bin that Mom had welded on for carrying things...because I figured out that the recessed area (where golfers would place their bags) is just the right size to hold a garbage bin secured with bungee cords. 

Once again...many things to be thankful for...sometimes TOO MANY THINGS...can reveal what lies beneath.  Look at the difference in the old golf cart after a little pressure washing!!

Today,the much cleaner/smaller golf cart is parked in my garage where it will remain until it is needed.  Today, the Pres' garage is a little neater and more organized.  Lets hope it stays that way.

seeing, saying, and sharing...

A La Cart

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Oh JP, I can soooooo relate to this post!! The basement... the garage... are always a mess and then once a year or so I "help" hubby organize it & it's beautiful. Until the following year again!! Why can't he keep it neat?! So I understand completely what you've written here. The golf cart is gorgeous now! Love, Andrea xoxo
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Men and their toys was what came to mind when I read this post, JP, but then We thankfully have no more power tools, lawn mover, tractor, generator or other things and no garage but we still manage to have stuff. Nice job on reorganizing things and cleaning off the golf cart.

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