Unconfirmed Head Count

Inviting me to come along to investigate a new Bald Eagle nest reported in our area, Boss was as unsure as I was when we introduced ourselves to the farmer who owned the property.  After speaking with him, we discovered that the nest was not located on his property but the adjacent piece which was owned by someone else.  Then in speaking with that property owner, he told us that he didn't want anyone on his property and that he would key an eye on it for us.  However, we are sure he will do a great job as he seemed "really into it" if you know what I mean.  It's all about "Citizen Scientists"...that's what we were looking for and need.

Meanwhile, the past few months' observations of the two Osprey nests is getting a little more exciting even though one is located behind the graveyard.  That's where I got this little guy singing away.  They count too you know.

Pulling into the graveyard, the nest is far in the distance requiring me to use my scope more than a camera.  Because of the height of the nest along with the rim, I have been unable to get a chick count, although I definitely saw ONE.

Comparatively speaking the nest a the park is much more accessible allowing me to confirm TWO chicks this season.  The male is doing a great job supplying food for the family and babysitting when the "Mrs" needs a break.

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Unconfirmed Head Count

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Great news to hear of a new Bald Eagle nest. The Ospreys look good.
New life.... I love it!! Love, Andrea xoxo
Hootin' Anni said…
Excellent...I am excited to read about all the new families. I do hope the property owner cooperates. And, thanks for sharing these happy events at IRBB

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin

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