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Taken in the Fall, when I came across them in my "Post" folder, I was surprised they were still there.  If I already showed you, forgive me for the repeat.  It merely means I forgot to delete them.  It's one of my favorite set of reflections!!  (I inverted them intentionally to throw you off.) 
Pine Inverted
Pine's Reflection Inverted

These ducks were extremely vocal as my girlfriend's husband and I walked by on our morning walk.  Ever since she passed, either stopping in to visit or calling him always makes the day.  He is the most quick witted individual I have ever met and always has an answer for any topic I've ever thrown at him.

And this "what life really means" shot was taken while on the road heading to a local favorite spot.  The mare was so relaxed as the late morning sun kissed her back, I turned around to go back and just watch her.   Peaceful scenes make for a peaceful life.

Glancing out the kitchen window, their presence and admiration for each other was so obvious it made me grab the camera.  The Eastern Phoebes that nest under the steps of the Pres' two story garage.  

Now this was an interesting find when I went on an "Eagle mission" at a nearby pond, after a pair of adults had been spotted along with a juvie.  Unfortunately, all I spotted in four consecutive mornings of various times, was one occasional adult.  However, I did return home with wads and wads of discarded fishing line...filament...a definite Bald Eagle killer.  
Birds easily become tangled resulting in starvation.  In the case of a raptor such as an Eagle, their talons are their meal ticket.  


I HATE coming across tangled fishing line. Why do people do such stupid things? I saw a great blue heron one time all tangled in it but he wouldn't let us get close enough to remove it. We reported it to the park rangers but whether they tried to do anything or not, I don't know. The way he was wrapped up, he couldn't feed and would starve to death.

Love that round shot of the eagle.

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