One Little Tree

Yesterday I told the Pres that I had two small Japanese Maples that I wanted to plant in the yard.  As we sat looking around the yard and it's layout I asked the Pres what would be a good location for one.  Requiring full sun to partial shade, the little ornamental reaching and height and width of approximately 6' tall "would fit nicely right where that little Elm is."  Elms grow to about 60' when they are healthy.  Unfortunately our little Elm has begun to see damages from something known as Dutch Elm disease*. 

The next thing I knew WE were taking down our little Elm which was only about 30' tall.  The Pres got the chain saw and began whole heartedly.  If there is anything that my husband loves, it's something with an engine.  

Leaving only about a 10' section, he then attached a chain to it and the hitch on his old red Dodge Diesel and began the tug of war. Hauling the tree and it's stump away with the ATV, we were left with only the old decaying stump from a Maple that had come down nine years ago, which we left to continue to feed the Mother Earth.

A few hours later, the gaping hole where the little Elm once stood was filled with topsoil from our stash and most of the sod was replaced leading to and around the new little tree.  

Mulch will be added to both this and the other young ornamental.  Hoping they make it with some TLC.

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One Little Tree

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DUTCH ELM DISEASE...a blight killing Elm in NY, NJ, and CT:

* "Once the DED fungus is introduced into the upper crown of healthy elms by bark beetles, it slowly moves downward, killing the branch as it goes. Disease progression may occur rapidly, killing the tree by the end of the growing season, or may progress gradually over a period of two or more years.

Tracing has been used as an effective treatment for Dutch elm disease that can save trees, but it's difficult, costly to the client, and there's no guarantee the tree won't die anyway. ... In some cases, elms infected with Dutch elm disease can be saved, but only if the fungus is completely removed from the tree."


I feel your feelings. No blabbering about the trees I've lost. Just hugs for you...
Sometimes it's simply time for all living things to go on to the "next place", JP... and that's ok. It's the cycle of life. We had a tree taken down earlier this year... a crab apple tree. I was really attached to that tree and hated to see it cut down. But it was time. The men who cut it down were going to haul it away but I wouldn't let them. My husband cut the tree into pieces and we stacked those pieces at the edge of our woods. So that little tree that I loved so much stayed on our property... stayed on this land where it had lived its whole life. It stayed home. Love, Andrea xoxo
There's something about pulling things out with a truck and chains. Pat did the same thing when we were living in our VA house the first year. He pulled out all the old hedges from the front of the house.
Rambling Woods said…
Oh...I have heard of it and our elms are long gone...Sad to see a tree go.....

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