Our Turn

This past week, among other things that normally keep me VERY busy, the Pres and I hit the road and headed to RI.  We were on a "mission" as the Pres calls it.  My daughter's hot water heater sprung a leak and we didn't bat an eye when she asked if we could hook up the old trailer to the old Dodge Diesel (which is leaking break fluid) pick-up and deliver the new one to her house. 

Being a planner, my daughter had everything worked out ahead of time and all had fallen into place until the new hot water heater was full of water and it came time to turn on the faucets.  Seeing the Pres in a "tither" when my daughter and I walked in with the dinner she bought was NOT part of the plan.  However, with the four of us going into action, soon all was resolved.

Now it was time to enjoy our seafood and most of all, each other's company.

That was Thursday.  Today, two days later, it seems it may be time to replace our hot water heater!  Waking up this morning to a VERY large puddle in our utility room was quite a surprise, especially at 4:45am.  When the Pres got up to relieve himself and I told him, he mumbled, "I'll look at it when I get up."

As of this point in time, I'm emptying the container catching the water and waiting for the Pres'.  I'm glad he knows what he knows and is as handy as he is and have the utmost confidence that today will be yet another adventure.

Just Waiting

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Our Turn


What a pain. And not cheap either, AMHIK.
Ann said…
Oh no. Thank goodness for a man who is handy and can fix or replace that stuff himself. If mine goes I don't know who I would call.
Home chores... they never seem to end. I'm glad you have a handyman around your house, JP. My hubby is getting more handy all the time, out of necessity rather than desire. I don't want any possible COVID-carriers inside my house so.... hubby is getting quite acclimated with handling gas & water lines. *lol* Love, Andrea XOXO
How ironic that two water heaters in the family decided to conk out at around the same time. Hmmm maybe they had it planned?
Nothing worse than a hot water heater that quits working right when you need it!

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