So Much

Certainly you too feel like this as well.  So very, very be thankful for in our world and lives today. The list...continues to grow.  Learning new things thanks to friends and technology seems to be at the top of my list this week. 

Walking with my BFF several times recently, not only was the conversation fun but it was interesting.  Out of her mouth came, "Hey are you familiar with an app that helps identify plants?  My brother uses it.  You should give it a try.  I mean you're a Ranger and need to know these things, right?" (I adore her for her very sharp wit along with her intelligence and contemplativeness....a real thinker.)

SO...I downloaded the app called Picture This.  Then for kicks and grins, while I was walking back up our no longer gravel road, I snapped a photo of a tree.  Quicker than I could imagine up popped a screen identifying the tree as a Juniper describing in detail it's pertinent information.  Since I was still in "test mode" as I wandered around our place, I snapped another pic of a fern.  Sure enough, Ostrich Fern...then Cinnamon Fern...and last but not least, an all-time favorite, the Interrupted Fern. 


You're probably wondering if I've taken it out on any excursions.  The answer is "No, not yet", although tomorrow is a good possibility as the BFF and I are hiking again.

seeing, saying, and sharing...

So Much

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That sounds like an interesting app.
I barely know what an "app" is, let alone how to use one. *lol* But I'm so glad you know, for it's for your readers' benefit too... and that's what I'm grateful for today. :-) Love, Andrea xoxo PS~ I have a fern bed and it grows huge ferns each year.
Ann Thompson said…
What a cool app that is. Remember the day when you would have to wait till the library we open and you would have to find a book and search through it in hopes of finding an answer
Now that app takes all the fun out we used to have after snapping a photo and then searching wildlife plant books to ID what we had seen. But, it does seem much faster too!
Sylvia said…
JP, Amazing technology! A perfect record. Enjoy your hike. Sylvia D.

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