Since the changes to Blogger took place, I can no longer "drag and drop" a photo.  Can anyone give me any hints as to how you place your photos in/around text?

I know once I import an image, I can edit it to be left, right, center justified as well as the image size.  It's the drag and drop that I am unable to do.  Did that go away?

THANKS...appreciate it...:)

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Michelle said…
You can revert to the old blogger. On the new post choice, just click on the picture option in the top choice bar, next to the link option. Clear as mud, I am sure.
Ann Thompson said…
I have never done the drag and drop for my photos. I've always uploaded. I'm no help
Debby said…
I also never did the drop and drag - just click on the image icon and your files come up. Search for the photo name. Then you upload the photo. It's not that hard, really. So easy a 66 year old can do it.
eileeninmd said…

I am still using the old blogger! Take care, have a happy day!
I've never used the drag and drop method either. Don't even know what it is. I simply click on the "insert image" icon, search for the photo on my computer, choose it, then select and upload it to the post. One thing I do, however, is that I resize the photos to a much smaller size so they don't take us so much data space.
Jim said…
Using the old Blogger too.
Hi JP, I have been using the "new" blogger and always uploaded from my PC even with the older version and never tried the drag & drop method. I find the new version rather cumbersome as far as photo placement, which is why most times I tend to either center them or make them large and to the left. An odd thing about blogger is sometimes when I start text for a new post it seems to revert to the old style. While I'm not fond of this new version, I'm trying to work around it.
betty-NZ said…
I tried moving a photo around in a blog post but it seems that wherever I put it (except for the justified setting) it won't move, so I guess it's not an option any more.

It's great to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

Sorry, I'm still on old Blogger too. But I guess I'll have to learn the new one sooner or later.
Old Blogger here too. I hated it the last time they changed (years ago now). Not looking forward to a new version. - Margy

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