Life's A Blur

That night after I cleaned up the kitchen, I hit the "START" button on the dishwasher but nothing happened.  We have an extremely quiet dishwasher so I bent down to listen more closely.  Nothing.  Telling the Pres that it didn't start, he suggested that we look at it in the morning.

However, the next morning, the Pres decided he didn't want to "fool with it" so he called a serviceman.  Fast forward through all the drama, although I really wish I'd recorded it, and we were paying the bill...$179.83.

Are you ready?  No parts were installed.  The serviceman had to call his supervisor for help because he couldn't figure out what was wrong until he wanted to look under the kitchen sink while the Pres insisted the plug was behind the machine.  

Are you sure you're ready?

The plug was unplugged.  There it lay under the cupboard and while I thought I was going to burst at the seams, neither of them laughed.

Now lets back up so you get the whole story:

Working at the kitchen sink the night before, I gave the flexible hose a yank and began spraying off the vegetables in the strainer.  When I attempted to start the dishwasher, it wouldn't.  I said to the Pres, "Joe, it worked the other day.  I wonder what's wrong with it?  Maybe it's unplugged."

"The plug is behind the dishwasher.  That's why they put it there so it can't get unplugged.  You can't get at it unless we pull it out from the wall.  We'll look at it in the morning."

And guess what?  The plug is not BEHIND the dishwasher.  It's under the kitchen sink.  It was pulled out by the sprayer hose that I used the night before to rinse off veggies. fault...yep...$179.83...oh well...that's life! 

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Life's A Blur

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Oh man.... those types of bills "hurt". Best not to think about it, I suppose. Love, Andrea xoxo
Ann said…
Oh no. It's kind of sad that they would charge you that much for something so simple
That was a painful, expensive story. :-(

Great reflection photo.

Happy Fourth of July!
Ouch, who would have thought that an unplugged appliance would result in such a hefty bill. I know the technician's time has to be worth payment but that was really quite costly, JP. Admittedly, I would not be smiling afterwards.
Stewart M said…
I had a friend who could not start his car - ended up calling a mechanic - who looked at it - moved the auto shift out of drive and started the car! I dont know how much that cost - but it was pretty funny at the time!

Hope all is well - Stewart M - Melbourne
James said…
Let that be a lesson to you, check, check and recheck. Sorry I couldn't resist. :-) I feel like something like this happened to me but thankfully I don't remember what it was.

I love the reflection! :-)
Carola Bartz said…
It's a lot of money for nothing (except that now you know where the plug is), but nevertheless I had to laugh. And in all honesty, it's not your fault - why didn't the Pres look at it in the morning? He could have, couldn't he?
This will be a great story that you can tell at get-togethers (if we ever will have them again) - and otherwise, file it under "life experience"...

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