You all remember "Looser" the turkey who couldn't remember how to get out of our yard after getting in?  Well one morning last week, although I was trying to get out to the nests early, when I went into the kitchen to wolf down my cereal, I spotted the cutest scene outside the kitchen window. (pix are not crystal clear because my windows seem to be pollen magnets)  

Making their way up the small slope to the upper part of the yard, they were being led by Looser herself.

Following obediently were her poults and mate, all of which later revealed that they, like Looser, were not the sharpest tools in the shed.

After insect eating in the grass, Looser's mate approached the ferns along the fence and tried numerous times to walk through them!!!  I laughed so hard watching his reaction as be bumped into the fence yet refused to stop trying.  He moved on to a different part of the fence and FINALLY figured out he should spread his wings and fly over it while the kids scampered side to side wondering what in the word they would do.  Finally, one of the kids ducked under the gate and was followed by it's siblings.

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Omgosh, they look so cute! And a question: Are they like geese, ducks, and swans, that stay together with their little ones? Also, I never thought about what they chow down on. ????

Well they did provide some entertainment for you, JP, even though I felt bad that Looser kept trying to get through the fern-fence barrier. In the end, a solution was found 😀
Stewart M said…
I suppose this behaviour could explain their tendency to end up on the dinner table as often as they do!

Nice pictures. My pictures this week are 'thought a window' as well - and I have no pollen as an excuse for the state of the glass!

Hope all is well. Stewart M - Melbourne

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