MY Harvest

About two months ago, the Pres bought me a raised garden container from BJs for the deck.  Excited
about the prospects of growing something I could eat rather than just look at, I planted scallions, beets and potatoes.  

For weeks, they looked pitiful and in fact, I asked the Pres numerous times if they were going to make it.  

Well this past weekend...exactly 58 days since planting, I pulled three pretty big beets from the soil and clipped a ton of scallions.  Although, the potatoes aren't yet ready, I did plant more beet seeds and in the Fall, I'll plant spinach seed.

Scallions are delicious on anything, and with anything, including placing them in a zip-lock bag in the freezer!!

seeing, saying, and sharing...

with you


Ann said…
There's nothing quite like eating something you grew yourself.
Good for you! It sometimes takes a leap of faith!

Jane x
It's always a thrill to grow something you can eat. Tomatoes are my "drug of choice" *haha* and they're in a big container out in the yard. I don't like having to pull off the tomato worms in August tho. Ewww!! :-) Enjoy the fruits of your labors. Love, Andrea xoxo
I do miss the fresh scallions we grew when living in VA, lately the store ones have looked very disappointing and have been avoided. Kucky you, JP, to have a fresh supply.

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