My Spoiled Plants

Sitting under the pergola in the shade this morning after I'd done some early morning weeding and watering, I intentionally faced our Butterfly Bush.  Like everyone and every living thing, this bush has a story too.

Buying it several years ago, we planted it according to the instructions, but it didn't do well.  It struggled.  And every year, after talking to many fellow gardeners, I would do what they recommended and every year the poor bush continued to struggle.

Barely making it each Summer, I tried cutting it back in the Fall and cutting it back in the early Spring.  

Last year, in the Fall, I asked the Pres if I could relocate it.  While you may think that it strange that I asked him, it wasn't.  He was mowing the lawn and does not like to "go around" things...which means "Sure you can move it as long as it's not in the way when I mow."

So, after watching the amount of sun and knowing the amount of natural moisture, and deciding on a spot, I began to dig...right outside the perimeter of the pergola...right out in the open.  Although I did need the Pres' help to dig out the bush, I was wondering if he was annoyed seeing the hole I'd already dug.  He never said a word.  

Meanwhile thinking that transplanting it would be enough of a shock for the bush, I left it alone and did no cutting.  All I did was water it faithfully. 

Although the blooms are just coming, and despite the Japanese Beetles who did their fair share of chewing, this year it nearly doubled in size!!

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My Spoiled Plants

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Carola Bartz said…
Sometimes a plant doesn't do well in one location and thrives in a different one. I experienced that several times. I had butterfly bushes that simply died on me... the current one has been in its location for some years now. It sometimes struggles a bit, then I pamper it a bit. It is doing great right now and I'm quite happy about it. I'm not sure whether our very dry climate is so good for it.
I have a butterfly bush that I planted a couple years ago and it's just now taking a good hold. Like moving into a new neighborhood, I think it takes plants awhile to get acclimated too. :-) So glad things are better now for your sweet bush. Love, Andrea xoxo
Ann said…
it's all about location. It sure looks like it's doing well now
Looks like it found its new home. Plants can be strange like that but something was off kilter in the other location.
Yvonne said…
It's a nice feeling making a plant happy. They never fail to reward you abundantly. Lovely photos.
betty-NZ said…
It's always exciting when you make a decision and it pays off! I'm so glad for you and the creatures that will visit. They are considered a nuisance here because they grow so well, but I might have to find me some again :)

I'm so happy to see your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!! Thanks for linking up with us.
Rambling Woods said…
They are pretty vigorous plants...

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