No Nuts Here

After almost 9 years, the Pres' hazelnut trees have gotten huge.  Each Summer they are loaded with beautiful green "nut sacks", which soon ripen and are ready for picking.  

This year, although I did actually see the Pres eat one nut which was still green, he once again will be "nutless".   

Every year the squirrels harvest his crop of nuts even though he goes outside hollers at them, causing them to scatter.  Yet, as soon as he turns his back, they are jumping on the fence, scurrying over to the trees and leaping into the tree soon to jump to the ground with the goods.

                                          seeing, saying, and sharing...

No Nuts Here

This year, they don't even bother to bury them...probably because they never remember where they put them!

see what I mean...


Ann said…
The least they could do is leave a few for the Pres to enjoy seeing as how he supplied the tree
Linda said…
Squirrels are such hungry creatures!
eileeninmd said…

Those darn squirrels. They seem to have a bottomless pit, eating all the time. The 'Pres' should save his breath, their going to do what they want. Cute photos! Thank you for linking up! Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week ahead. PS, thanks for the comment and visit.
Wow, I didn't realize Hazelnut trees could grow in CT. They look lovely. It's a shame he can't harvest some of the nuts, but those squirrels know where the gourmet eating is at, so he doesn't stand a chance.
Squirrels are my loves. I would get far more enjoyment knowing they got a good meal from the hazelnuts, than if I ate them myself. But I am a wildlife NUT myself so... not many folks feel like me & understandably so. Thank you for the pictures! I hope your hubby gets a few nuts out of this year's crop himself. Love, Andrea xoxo

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