Numbers Matter

Between Eagles and Osprey my life was filled with excitement the past few weeks.  Visiting the Eagle nest that produced three chicks this year, we found that all three fledged successfully and were expertly being cared for by the adult.  Although we did not witness the fledge process, when the adult flew in over the river heading in a slight incline and we heard the calls, we knew at least two made it.  Someone in the area who knew about the three told us all three fledged successfully and that was good enough for us.  Although we won't have the total "head count" (which includes active territories, new nests and total number of chicks as well as successful fledging) for CT until year end, any and all data collected matters. 

Located on the edge of a river, the only way in is through an area where many homeless people stay so I've been instructed by my fellow eagle enthusiasts to never go in alone.  Although all the times I've been in have been with someone, up until this week no one has ever said anything to us.  Yet this week when the homeless gentleman, waving his beer can in hand and carrying more, told us we were "in his spot," I was concerned.  After a few minutes of conversation with my partner, he agreed to move on, and did.  However, tow days later when we returned,  there was lots of fire wood stacked blocking the pathway and the spot on the water where we were.   

Meanwhile, at the two Osprey nests, I had seen one chick at the nest closest to me and two chicks at the second nest for a total of three chicks.  I was elated and shared the news with nearly everyone I knew including Audubon who is working in conjunction with DEEP and heading up the monitoring project.  However, this past weekend, while observing, THREE heads popped up almost simultaneously right around the female!!   Even though my viewing spot is 261 yds away, the head count was easy to confirm.  

Head count please!!

seeing, saying, and sharing...

Numbers Matter

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Yes, I have heard many times that homeless people hold sacred "their spot". I wonder why homelessness is allowed in that public area, where you like to go bird-watching? Stay safe! Love, Andrea xoxo
That was good advice on not going in alone, JP. Many homeless people would most likely not be harmful, but better safe than regretful later.
Ann Thompson said…
That's exciting news that all three fledged. Glad you were warned about going in alone
Michelle said…
Glad all three fledged! Stay safe! Always!!
How nice to have these two nests to monitor.
Rambling Woods said…
Oh good news as I know there are unhappy endings too....Michelle

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