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Allowing me to open the windows, the cool, dry air blew through the house.  Yes, last week we were fortunate.  We finally had "air" because the humidity level dropped!!  Provided by Mother Nature, it felt so good to inhale cool, dry air.  It was just so refreshing and although the breezes carried the ragweed pollen, which I like so many am allergic to, I didn't care.

So the following morning, after enjoying a nice relaxing cup of coffee and seeing that the temp was only 57 degrees, my mind cinched the deal.  My kayak had been loaded in my car for a few days but appointments, yard work and the darn humidity had kept me on dry land long enough.

Getting ready in record time, I hit the road long before the Pres' normal wake-up time.  With only 10 minutes left to go before I reached my original destination, I realized that I had left my wallet home.   EXPLETIVE after expletive didn't help much as I turned around and headed back home before heading back out again.  "Ugh...time wasted," I thought "now I'll go to a closer spot." Hoping that there would not be a lot of fishermen, I was pleasantly surprised to find plenty of room in the lot.

Admittedly I was concerned if I would still be able to .get in and out of my kayak since I haven't been since last year.  However, it was all good....very, very good!  My thoughts focused on other things besides COVID.  We all know that the air we breathe is crucial for life but I never realized how it impacts health and happiness.

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About Time

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Weekend Reflection

Shadow Shot 2


What a peaceful morning you wound up having. Way to go.
**gasp** JP, those pictures. THOSE PICTURES!!! Breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. Love, Andrea xoxo
James said…
Wonderful pictures!
Restful water scenes and shadows. Thank you!

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