Eat Your Greens NOT Mine

Thinking that deer would no longer use our yard as their "salad bar", the Pres and I removed the deer netting months ago...way back in March.  It had served us well throughout the Winter as only a few tips (that extended out through the fencing) were nibbled on.  

Spring came and so did our shrubs...Azaleas, Viburnum, Deutzia, Bleeding Heart, and Spire... all looked great in the Spring.  This year they were glorious!

Well, about two weeks ago as I mowed on Lucy June and went around my prize Eastern Snowball, I noticed something that didn't make me very happy.  After I finished I asked the Pres to come outside and see what happened to MY prize shrub that had done so well since we planted it. 

As you can see by this pic taken in the Spring, my Eastern Snowball was the picture of health.  The blooms on it were even more than the year before.  Resembling off-white spheres, they reminded me of giant popcorn balls (which, by the way, I love and can no longer find in stores).  

Unfortunately and without my knowledge, the "salad bar" reopened for business.  Apparently, they enjoyed themselves too!

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Eat YOUR Greens NOT Mine
(damn deer)

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That stinks. At least there's hope for its recovery. DH dug mine up when I told him to dig out the non-producing miniature gardenias! Years ago but he won't touch anything to dig unless I point at it and say "dig"!
Rambling Woods said…
I took out most of the deer favorites as now they are bulking up for winter. I am sorry about your chewed plants..
This would be so disheartening. Hopefully it will recover.

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