Yard work in the early morning hours is most rewarding.  The dew point was still comfortable and when I looked up from weeding and saw this, it was yet one more reminder.  THIS is what I work life, my health, my family, my happiness, and my well-being.  It is all accomplished because of what lives inside ME.

seeing, saying, and sharing...


with you and


Terra said…
That is a beautiful grassy scene that you see when you look up from your yard work.
eileeninmd said…

Beautiful view of your home! Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy weekend!
Absolutely beautiful!!! ~Andrea xoxo
Home, peace, safety. Yep, good stuff.
Such a nice view of your yard and home, JP. Who knows maybe one day we will see it and you and the Pres in person again. Sadly, our visit to New London may not be as frequent when we do travel again

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