Another Rant

 Here I go again.

Why am I NOT receiving email notification when someone leaves a Comment on my blog?

I have reached out to Blogger for HELP but have not received an answer!

I had it set-up where when someone left a Comment, I received an email.  I could then answer the person directly via email.

My "Comments" were set up with Pop up Window, but when I "Googled" the problem, the information showed I was supposed to set Comments up as Embedded.

I tried going into Settings/Email/Comment Notification Email and I get message "There are no emails."

Is it because I'm on an older Mac?  I use Google as my Search Engine as well as to access my Blog.



Ann said…
Wish I could help you with this but I haven't a clue. Most comments come to my email. Some I can reply to and others come through as no reply. There are a few that don't come through to the email at all.
MadSnapper said…
I sent you instructions on how to fix it in your email
Sorry I can't help you but I discovered long ago that one of my loyal reader's comments will always go into the "awaiting moderation" file instead of generating an email to me like the others do. I've learned to just check it periodically to see if something is there. Annoying as heck but easier than getting my BP up about it.
I don't know how to resolve this issue, JP, but hopefully Sandra has provided a solution. That said, I have received email replies from you in email. My latest Blogger "issue" is in trying to post a comment on a blog (not all) and then having it disappear and I need to re-post.
Carola Bartz said…
I'm sorry I cannot help you with this. The new Blogger certainly has some weird hiccups. Let's hope this is just because the new layout is still - well, new, and all those annoyances will eventually disappear.

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