Designs For the Mind

So this past week, the only thing Lucy June and I ran into was the Pres' old, wooden-floored. tandem trailer.  Although I didn't think it was a big deal, as soon as I finished mowing and got into the house, I confessed.  (I just have to remember that my rear end is wider than the front end...LOL! )

What comes to mind is that when I was pregnant for my daughter, on my first visit to the OBGYN, he said to me, "You're fortunate,  You have what we refer to as breeders hips."  While I felt horrible being compared to an animal, I knew all too well that he was telling me my hips were shall we say large."

A few days later, while visiting my son, DIL and granddaughter and the subject of my mowing came up, he said, Well, she's getting pretty good with it.  This time all she did was break a tail light on the trailer when she knocked it off the block."

However, through it all, whether I cause chaos or disturbance in the Pres' life, I know that he looks forward to it for a good chuckle.

Zany or not, it seems that I've been seeing some oddities this Summer...things, I've never seen like this multi-colored dragonfly.  Cool, right?

seeing, saying, and sharing...

Designs for the Mind

Thankful Thursday


What a beautiful dragon fly and we have also been seeing an overflow of them around this area as well.

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